Member Roster

The VP-45 Association Member "Private Roster" is published every six months by the Association Secretary. Up until 2015, it was mailed to each Association member for whom we had an up to date mailing address. We have since transitioned to viewable & downloadable electronic PDF rosters that are emailed to members every six months. The "Private" roster contains all contact information for our members (including email address, home address and phone numbers) and is ONLY available to dues paying members.Pelican

This "Public" Roster, updated annually and sorted two different ways, is accessable below...each version is in Adobe "PDF" format. Being "Public," they only contain a list of current Association members' names, the city and state in which they reside and years of service in VP-45. The first version is sorted alpabetically by last name and the second is sorted chronologically by years of service in VP-45. To view the roster of your choosing, click on one of the buttons below:

Roster by Name

Roster by Date


Again, to have access to the full "private" roster (which includes street addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other personal data) you must be a member of this Association. The full roster is emailed to confirmed Association members or "snail-mailed" to those very few members who do not have an email address.

ROSTER DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Being in PDF format, these rosters require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view after clicking the link. Most computers have Adobe Reader installed and the roster will be immediately displayed. If you do not already have this free program, it can be downloaded from the Adobe website or you can click on the Adobe link just below. Be careful to uncheck any additional software boxes before downloading (unless you want those programs).


Once the roster is displayed on your computer monitor, click on the "File" drop down menu toward the upper left of your browser and then click "Save As." Then save the roster to your documents file folder (or wherever you save reference documents such as this) on your computer (hard drive).

Note:  We would appreciate notification, via the "Contact Us" form, should you be aware of the passing of any of our VP-45/VPB-205 shipmates.

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