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Via the Online Form at the bottom of this page or the "Contact Us" link above, Association Members are encouraged to submit to the Webmaster interesting, informative or entertaining recollections of their time in the squadron. These inputs can be "salty" stories which need not be accurate or sea story totally true...but they should be mostly true....OK, just true to the "best of your recollection." Please temper your composition with good judgment. For example, if you were awarded a Letter of Commendation, you probably should not upgrade it to a Distinguished Flying Cross. Or if you executed a successful three engine emergency landing, don't try to slip by us that it was a three engine out, asymmetrical flaps, boost out, lost comms landing with the one operating engine on fire and all three pilots sick from box lunch poisoning.

Written submissions can also be serious recollections of operational/training missions or events, tributes to worthy shipmates and remembrances of tragedy. Inputs from Admin, Maintenance and Operations ground-pounders are, of course, also welcome. If you have photos that go with your story, submit them to us as attachments to an email via the "Contact Us" link above.

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Sea Story Links

George Kovach - 1942 VP-205 in Trinidad - 1943 WWII Seaplane Sea Stories - 1942
Typhoon - 1945 Aircraft and Crew Lost - 1943 VP-45 Scores "E" for FY 1951
Ops in Costa Rica - 1955 180 Mile Water Taxi - 1958 Freeze Over - 1958
Bermuda Seaplane Ops - 1958 More Achievements with the P-5M - 1956 QUICKREP - 1961
LN-3 (P-5M) Crashes - 1961 Shhhhhh...... - 1962 Last Operational Flight in P-5M - 1963
Loss of LN-9 and Crew 10 - 1964 Genesis of the Red Dart - 1964 Sunset & Tragedy - 1964
Last P-5M Flight - 1964 VP-45 Change of Command - Adak 1965 TACAN Lock-on Error - 1965
Hardly Routine Flight - 1966 Tall Tales from Vietnam - 1968 Crash of LN-20 - 1969
Building Bridges - 1996 BALTOPS - 1996 LN-10 and Mike Gorman - 1972
Crew 13 - 1973    


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