"Orion's Game" An Original Oil Painting by Peter Wenman

This is the official website of the PATRON FOUR FIVE Association, an incorporated organization whose membership is open to all former members of Navy squadrons VP-45, VP-205, VP-MS-5, VP-45(PBY), current Patrol Squadron Forty-Five active-duty members and others with various connections to the squadron. While this website is NOT officially associated with the active duty squadron, VP-45, it is for the general benefit of current and future association members and any others who might be interested in the "World Famous Pelicans" of Patrol Squadron FORTY-FIVE.

Our Mission:

To provide a wealth of information about arguably the most outstanding U.S. Navy Patrol Squadron in history and to allow an avenue for former shipmates to reconnect and re-establish friendships. Additionally, the Association will publish a biannual newsletter, preserve a written squadron history, provide association members (who have as a common bond active duty or interest in VP-45) a means to promote camaraderie by holding biennial reunions for members and will, lastly, perform other functions as defined by the Association's elected officers. All site visitors are cordially invited to peruse the various sections of this website using the panel of blue and red navigation links on the left side of this page.


Open to anyone who has served in the above mentioned squadrons or is currently serving in Patrol Squadron FORTY-FIVE. (Associate memberships are available for other interested parties). Dues for membership are $10 for 1 year, $40 for 5 years, or $200 for life - payable by 31 December on year dues expire. 


rreunion 2014 2016 Reunion Location!!

Your Chance to Vote - Coming Soon

With the record breaking 2014 Reunion in the books, we are looking forward to the next reunion with great anticipation. BUT - we need to determine a location. At the last reunion's business meeting, attendees nominated the following locations: San Diego, San Antonio, Charleston, Branson, Nashville, Washinton DC, and Norfolk. Once the next Newsletter is published in March, the round green button just to the left will become an working "link" that you can click on. Clicking on it will take you to an online survey page. There you will be asked to vote for your primary and secondary choices for the 2016 Reunion location. Stand by........


The newsletter linked below is the September 2014 edition of the "Pelican Post," in the all new digital format. If you are a current member, you will receive the March 2015 Newsletter either as a PDF file attached to an email or (if you do not have an email address) as a printed black & white copy via regular mail. To view and/or download the previous edition online, click on the word "Newsletter" in blue print just below. Only current members have access the most recent newsletter.




To send questions, comments or suggestions regarding this website click here: vp45association.org
Last  updated: 3/11/2015

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